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how do you divide?

Author Message


Registered: 23.03.2007

Posted: Friday 29th of Dec 10:15    

how do you divide? is my biggest problem. Can some one help me understand it? I am a beginner at it. What book or other resource do you suggest for starting this subject?
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Registered: 21.03.2005
From: Prague, Czech Republic

Posted: Sunday 31st of Dec 07:37    

You’re not alone. In fact, I had the same problem just before I found something very cool. Have you encountered Algebrator? If you have not heard anything about this wonderful piece of software yet, let me give you an idea about this software. This is a software that helps you to answer math problems and at the same time you could learn from it because it displays a step-by-step procedure of solving the problem. It helped me in my problems in math and my grade significantly improved since I tried this. Be reminded that it does not only show the answer but it helps you learn how to solve the problem that makes it very educational.
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Registered: 23.04.2003
From: Girona, Catalunya (Spain)

Posted: Monday 01st of Jan 19:00    

Hello, just a year ago, I was stuck in a similar scenario . I had even considered the option of leaving math and selecting some other course . A friend of mine told me to give one last try and sent me a copy of Algebrator. I was at comfort with it within an hour. My grades have really improved within the last one month.
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Registered: 03.03.2003
From: Planet Earth

Posted: Tuesday 02nd of Jan 07:43    

You all have got to be joshing ! How could this not be general knowledge or promoted in periodicals? How should I get more data for testing Algebrator? Pardon me for appearing to be a bit doubtful, but do you believe if someone can obtain a trial version to exercise this package?
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Registered: 14.10.2002

Posted: Tuesday 02nd of Jan 19:40    

You can order one for you right here – http://www.graph-inequality.com/solving-inequalities-2.html. I’ve heard from someone that they even offer an unconditional money back guarantee, so go ahead and order a copy, I’m sure you’ll like it.
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Registered: 19.03.2002
From: UK

Posted: Wednesday 03rd of Jan 10:16    

I remember having problems with algebra formulas, hypotenuse-leg similarity and dividing fractions. Algebrator is a really great piece of math software. I have used it through several math classes - Basic Math, Intermediate algebra and College Algebra. I would simply type in the problem and by clicking on Solve, step by step solution would appear. The program is highly recommended.
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